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Renter�s Guide

Looking for a new place to live?  As you begin your search, it is important to remember that; landlords are looking for a tenant who always pays their rent on time, maintain a clean home, and has steady income to justify the rent.

Super! Now that you have discovered the perfect place to live,  you can now apply for the property you wish to rent. Please click * Rental Application * to view our application.  You can print out a separate application for each person 18 and over that will be residing at the property. Each person is to accurately and completely fill out the entire application and submit via fax, email or in person to our office.

Note: We require $25 per rental application for processing fee. Disney Properties retains the right to increase the rental application fee at any time without notice.

Searching for a rental property? Please browse our Rental Properties page to see a list of rentals with pictures and details to offer along with maps and more.

Property for Rent

Policies on Qualifying Applicants

Disney Properties has a few policies that you should keep in mind before we accept your application.

  • After your application has been approved you must schedule an appointment to see the inside of the property.

  • All deposit funds and first month�s rent must be in certified funds. (Cashier�s check, money order, cash or credit card)

  • Monthly rent is always due on the 1st of the month. It is late after the 5th.

  • Weekly rent is billed and is due every Friday.

  • Sometimes, poor credit does not disqualify you from being considered.  What matters most is that you have employment that can be verifies, along with adequate income, and decent landlord history.

Disney Properties reserves the right to change the qualification standards that are currently listed.

To Report a Maintenance Call

Many home issues that can occur don't require a major expense.  If neglected, these problems can grow into a much larger problem. Please report maintenance issues A.S.A.P. to the Disney Properties office staff at 410-860-9090.


  • Check with the office staff to be sure your will have fulfilled your rental obligation by the desired move-out date. Provide Disney Properties with a written 30-day notice. The day you give the written notice is the day the 30 days begins.

  • At some point during that 30 days leading up to vacancy, provide Disney Properties with a forwarding  address. Contact Disney Properties if you have any questions.


  • Make certain the property is left is the same condition as you accepted it.

  • Be sure to change the air filter(s), replace drip pans on the stove if needed, check all light bulbs to be sure all are working. Pay special attention to carpet cleaning, cleaning of appliances, removal of personal items and debris; thoroughly clean the bathroom (s). Before you turn in keys and garage door opener (if applicable) to our office, look for trash and debris inside and outside the home and be sure all is removed from the property. Complete any special cleaning that is required.

  • Disney Properties has 45 days to return the security deposit. The security deposit will be sent to your last known address if a forwarding address is not provided.

  • The security deposit check will be mailed to you (tenants cannot come to the office to pick up their check).


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